Dragon Culture-themed Sports Exploration Playground Equipment
Construction of dragon shaped large toys, walkways, and supporting outdoor scenes

This project features a dragon-themed non-motorized large toy as its centerpiece, with the dragon's body connecting the second and third floors of the building. It interconnects various scene facilities based on Puyang's unique dragon culture, including boardwalks, sand pits, water pools, small platforms, and various climbing equipment. The diversified and entertaining play equipment caters to children's needs for activities such as crawling, climbing, running, and jumping. It stimulates children's imagination, creativity, and observational skills from multiple perspectives and in various ways. Thematic toys and settings can organically integrate with the institution's culture and curriculum system, promoting multidimensional and diverse outdoor activity courses effectively.

Puyang is located downstream of the Yellow River basin, the birthplace of ancient agricultural civilization, and the origin of dragon culture. The dragon is a symbol of the Chinese nation, representing strength, fearlessness, and bravery, constantly inspiring the descendants of Yan and Huang. This project takes Puyang's dragon culture as its theme to create a dragon culture-themed playground for children. The dragon's main body is child-friendly and easily understood, encouraging children to engage in touch and exploration, thus inheriting the spirit of the "Chinese Dragon Capital" through subtle influence.

Project Name
Dragon Culture-themed Sports Exploration Playground Equipment
Project Type
Playground Equipment Design
Design Team
Xi Yuan Dream Factory