Monkey King Cultural Exploration Theme Park
Construction of Wenchang Pavilion, Water Curtain Cave, Golden Hoop Stick Slide, and supporting outdoor scenes

The project's original topography offers rich variations, and the design incorporates diverse and challenging activities. Features such as the "Great Sage's Stage," the waterfall decoration on the backdrop of the Water Curtain Cave, the "Cloud Ladder," and the "Golden Cudgel Slide," along with the "Wenchang Pavilion," satisfy children's needs for activities like crawling, climbing, running, jumping, and exploration. These elements also symbolize the eighty-one trials and tribulations that the Great Sage endured on his journey to obtain the scriptures. Thematic toys and settings can seamlessly integrate with the institution's culture and curriculum system, promoting multidimensional and diverse outdoor activity courses effectively.

Shunchang County was established in the fourth year of Changxing during the Later Tang dynasty, and it has a unique cultural heritage, including the "Great Sage" belief system, which is one of Fujian Province's intangible cultural heritages. The project is based on "Great Sage Culture" and focuses on preserving this culture. It has created a diversified exploration-themed playground. Children in Shunchang County grow up with the legends of the Great Sage, and the cultural atmosphere of the institution will make them feel a stronger connection to it. The spirit of the Great Sage will be passed down through the hearts of the children.

Project Name
Monkey King Cultural Exploration Theme Park
Project Type
Playground Equipment Design
Design Team
Xi Yuan Dream Factory