Minimalist Art-themed Toy Set Playground Equipment
Construction of large toy sets, walkways, and supporting outdoor scenes for artistic design
This project employs minimalist and abstract design elements, ensuring that the overall color scheme is in harmony with the institution's theme colors. This enhances the visual appeal, playfulness, and fun of the overall toys, attracting the curiosity and attention of children. Wooden platforms, large toys, boardwalks, sand pits, and other expansion projects are seamlessly integrated with the overall design, meeting children's needs for activities such as crawling, running, climbing, and jumping. This design allows children to fully embrace their lively and active nature, promoting their healthy development. Thematic toys and settings can organically integrate with the institution's culture and curriculum system, enabling the effective implementation of multidimensional and diverse outdoor activity courses.

Early childhood art education can lay the foundation for shaping a child's healthy and strong mind. The project's theme, "Cultivating the Heart with Joy," leaps in color, dances with musical notes, and immerses the soul in an artistic world filled with childlike wonder, fostering growth.
Project Name
Minimalist Art-themed Toy Set Playground Equipment
Project Type
Playground Equipment Design
Design Team
Xi Yuan Dream Factory