Artistic Sculpture Toy Set Playground Equipment
Construction of large toy sets, walkways, and supporting outdoor scenes for artistic design

The project revolves around the theme of "Music and Art," with elements of music and fine arts integrated throughout. It creates a wonderful artistic world and maximizes the functionality of environmental education. Children will be immersed in an environment where they can receive the influence of artistic expression while playing and engaging with their surroundings. Thematic toys and settings can seamlessly integrate with the institution's culture and curriculum system, promoting the effective implementation of multidimensional and diverse outdoor activity courses.

In terms of functionality, nurturing children's artistic sensibilities is highly beneficial, not only for the development of their temperament and qualities but also for their integration into a group, learning to communicate and cooperate with others. Under the influence of art, they become adept at thinking, expressing themselves, gaining courage and confidence. The design of artistic elements in the project is subtle and clever, allowing children to gradually discover them during their exploration, share with their peers, and find the experience both fun and challenging.

Project Name
Artistic Sculpture Toy Set Playground Equipment
Project Type
Playground Equipment Design
Design Team
Xi Yuan Dream Factory