Enchanted Outdoor Integrated Playground Equipment
Construction of integrated scientific castles, large walkways, and other large-scale toys and supporting outdoor scenes

The project aims to create an ecological, natural, and active learning environment with the construction of a city boardwalk in the large toy sand and water area, encircling the entire space. The Hobbiton-like small town intertwines with the sand and water pools, creating a rich facade hierarchy and a distinctive and fun neighborhood landscape. This reflects the theme of childlike innocence and encourages children to engage in various games and activities spontaneously, subtly guiding them to develop their physical and intellectual abilities. The theme toys and scenes can be seamlessly integrated with the institution's culture and curriculum system, promoting the effective implementation of multidimensional and diversified outdoor activity programs.

We need an imagination workshop, where flights of fancy take on real meaning. Living alongside the Hobbits, climbing on a gigantic television, this is a rather peculiar place filled with extraordinary adventures. Every exploration will be a brand new adventure, so brave explorers, gear up and set off. Wishing you a journey full of discoveries.

Project Name
Enchanted Outdoor Integrated Playground Equipment
Project Type
Playground Equipment Design
Design Team
Xi Yuan Dream Factory