Spaceship-themed Science Exploration Playground Equipment
Construction of large toys and supporting outdoor scenes such as alien slides and starry walkways

The project maximizes the use of the existing space, reconfiguring the entire outdoor area. The starry sky boardwalk is seamlessly integrated with large toys such as slides, creating an aerial and futuristic technology-themed corridor scene for children. Simultaneously, the boardwalk introduces new exercise functions to meet various needs, such as climbing, running, and jumping. Combined with the alien-themed large slide toys, it offers a blend of fun and exploration, transforming complex scientific knowledge into tangible, interactive toys and scenes. This approach is beneficial for children's scientific enlightenment, guiding and igniting their desire to explore while nurturing their interest in science. The theme toys and scenes can be organically integrated with the institution's culture and curriculum system, promoting the effective implementation of multidimensional and diversified outdoor activity programs.

Perhaps there exists a planet in the cosmos: every corner is covered with colorful plants, and there are no distinct seasons, nor a single color tone. It's more like a vibrant candyland with a blue earth, pink buildings, and glass that reflects a rainbow of colors. We may not know exactly where it is, but right now, it's right here—a condensed version of a candyland planet, awaiting children to explore and unveil its "mysterious veil."

Project Name
Spaceship-themed Science Exploration Playground Equipment
Project Type
Playground Equipment Design
Design Team
Xi Yuan Dream Factory