Sports-themed Wooden Playhouse Playground Equipment
Construction of wooden walkways, hobbit cabins, creative large toys, and supporting outdoor scenes

This project combines elements of aesthetics, natural ecology, exploration, and discovery with the aim of creating a multifunctional outdoor educational environment. The presence of features like Hobbit huts, climbing structures, wooden bridges, and other large toys helps in developing children's physical coordination. The construction of both the Green Adventure Park and the Green Children's House areas not only satisfies children's active nature but also fosters a spirit of respecting life. Allowing children to grow in nature is a process of communication between life and life. The theme toys and scenes can be seamlessly integrated with the institution's culture and curriculum system, promoting the effective implementation of multidimensional and diversified outdoor activity programs.

"Princess and the prince live happily in the castle." "What does the castle look like?" The castles in stories shimmer with a dreamlike aura, and children wield their brushes to depict various shapes. We also have our own imagination about castles and hope to share it with the children. This place is filled with the colors of fairy tales, where the blue sky and white clouds become natural decorations, and wooden pathways are arranged in a crisscross pattern, allowing children to explore to their heart's content.

Project Name
Sports-themed Wooden Playhouse Playground Equipment
Project Type
Playground Equipment Design
Design Team
Xi Yuan Dream Factory