Alice in Wonderland-themed Boardwalk Toy Set Playground Equipment
Construction of Alice in Wonderland Theme Magic Amusement Park

This project is themed around "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" and uses design elements like wooden boats, artfully designed cottages, slides, and more. It combines rich functional spaces for equipment storage, music experiences, graffiti, and physical development with carefully designed and stylized large toys. These elements cater to children's multifaceted activity needs, such as crawling, climbing, running, and jumping. Moreover, the rich theme scene design provides more playability and fun. Multiple larger independent spaces allow children to play together, effectively fostering their social skills. The theme toys and scenes can be organically integrated with the institution's culture and curriculum system, promoting the effective implementation of multidimensional and diversified outdoor activity programs.

What we want to give to the children is more like a theme park rather than simple toys and functional structures. It's a relatively complete fantasy world, based on the fairy tale "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland." Wooden pathways connect classic scenes like the "Mad Hatter's Workshop," the "March Hare's House," the "Red Queen's Castle," and the "Cheshire Cat's Treehouse." For the children, this is a true adventure where they get to know each other and grow together on the journey.

Project Name
Alice in Wonderland-themed Boardwalk Toy Set Playground Equipment
Project Type
Playground Equipment Design
Design Team
Xi Yuan Dream Factory