Scientific-themed Intellectual Exploration Toy Set Playground Equipment
Pine nut space, plank slide, sensory training equipment, and supporting outdoor scene construction

This project is designed with a modern and minimalist approach to create the overall style of the park. Through the interplay of virtual and real, light and shadow, it immerses children in a pinecone kingdom, providing them with a rich and immersive experience. Various large walkways connect different pinecone bases. These bases' windows can be used for exploration, and their interiors are transformed into relaxing reading rooms. The bright yellow and white color scheme highlights a super-modern atmosphere in the space. The complex and diverse climbing paths, along with features like exploration walls, swings, lookout towers, and space slides, cater to children's active natures.

In addition, the park features a multi-material pavement in the planting and breeding area, serving as an open natural classroom where children can experience gardening, get closer to animals, and develop a sense of identity and belonging. The thematic toys and scenes can organically integrate with the park's culture and curriculum system, promoting the multidimensional and diversified implementation of outdoor activity courses.

As we transform into small squirrels, freely roaming through the jungle, we can have a pinecone-shaped home, stretch our bodies comfortably, run joyfully, and create games with our companions that no one else knows. We want to explore the mysteries of growth in this free world, and we want to be happy, carefree like the wind, and grow up amidst laughter and joy.

Project Name
Scientific-themed Intellectual Exploration Toy Set Playground Equipment
Project Type
Playground Equipment Design
Design Team
Xi Yuan Dream Factory