Red Culture-themed Playground Equipment
Construction of large wooden walkways, forests, tree houses, and supporting outdoor scenes

This project features a large elevated walkway with a red cultural theme that connects the second and third floors of the building, integrating with the large ecological challenge fitness area and the sand and water play area. Diverse game facilities such as observation towers, wooden balance toys, climbing nets, and more cater to children's needs for crawling, climbing, running, jumping, and various activities. The small stage and various seating benches also encourage children to engage in activities involving observation and performance. The design stimulates children's imagination, creativity, and observational skills from multiple perspectives, promoting a well-rounded development of their abilities.

Beneath the late cherry blossoms, the micro-terrain design provides children with a lively and interesting activity space. The natural ecological environment allows children to discover and create beauty while engaging in physical activities. The thematic toys and scenes seamlessly integrate with the park's culture and curriculum system, promoting the multidimensional and diversified implementation of outdoor activity courses.

This project is located in Nanzhong Village, one of the birthplaces of Red Culture. It boasts landmarks such as Chairman Mao's former residence, the Huangyangjie of Jinggang Mountain, and the Zunyi Meeting Site, all of which have been recreated as scenic spots, exuding a strong Red Culture atmosphere. With deep respect, we have created this Red Culture-themed children's forest adventure park using natural and eco-friendly wooden materials. It features a cableway, forest exploration, and a revolutionary propaganda platform, all themed around the red revolutionary culture, effectively embodying the cultural essence of the entire park. This space is designed to pay tribute to the revolutionary martyrs, pass on the revolutionary spirit, and enable children to learn history, understand Red Culture, and grow while exploring and playing.

Project Name
Red Culture-themed Playground Equipment
Project Type
Playground Equipment Design
Design Team
Xi Yuan Dream Factory