Creative Theme Toy Playground Equipment
Construction of large-scale toy walkways, fun workshops, creative cycling paths, and supporting outdoor scenes

We enter the ancient course of the Yellow River, delving into the cultural essence amidst urban life and seamlessly integrating it into the kindergarten. This garden is within the city, forming an integral part of the city itself. Known for its pears, Cheng City's influence can be seen everywhere in the garden, extending from the entrance to various corners. Inspired by the design of a cycling path, the dual-purpose enclosing walls create tunnel-like huts and serve as communication links with the adjacent primary school. Additionally, Cheng City, located at the intersection of four provinces, is deeply influenced by the drama and theatrical arts of Anhui and Henan. Naturally, elements of traditional Chinese opera are interwoven in various details throughout the kindergarten, creating an atmosphere that resonates with classic red, black, and white themes, reminiscent of a lingering tune from a famous performance.

This area is renowned as the "Pear Capital," where children born in Cheng City have grown up surrounded by the fragrance of pears. They can witness the beauty of thousands of pear trees blossoming, not just mistaking snowflakes for flowers. They can also savor the sweetness of Chengshan Su Pear. In addition, the annual "Pear Blossom Festival" brings a lively scene to the city. Cheng City is a place where children are nurtured by the pear trees, and they understand the charm of their city. They sing Chengshan folk songs and will forever remember this land, silent yet welcoming.

Project Name
Creative Theme Toy Playground Equipment
Project Type
Playground Equipment Design
Design Team
Xi Yuan Dream Factory