Zhenhai Hairun Kindergarten

Every differently shaped cloud hides a child's sweet dream.

Kindergarten Outdoor Design


Encountering Fairy Tales

Every child has a dream about the sky, where they travel through the clouds, pluck stars, stroll along moonlight corridors, and watch the forty-fourth sunset behind the clouds with the Little Prince.

When they wake up in the morning, their dreams slip away from the window, climbing the steps of the wind, singing with the birds, diving into the clouds. Each differently shaped cloud holds a child's sweet dream, representing their initial yearning for the world.


A Dream-Seeking Journey Through the Clouds

Kindergarten Outdoor Design

Childhood purity and romance are a person's most precious treasures. Miró spent his entire life painting like a child, drawing inspiration from nature. He could use a childlike imagination to present life and color as if in a dream.

Imagination gives children the ability to journey between dreams and reality. They will gaze at the sky in their small spacecraft, playing the role of brave dream seekers in a fantastical world that adults cannot understand.

Kindergarten Outdoor Design

Pink and other colors from the natural world form the basis of the space. They represent both the vigorous vitality of nature and the strange sensations from the world of dreams. The mission of the space is to awaken the inner passion of children, and its boundaries depend on how children perceive this world.

As children pilot their spacecraft to visit each cloud, the dreams that have slipped away are collected and stored in the television. Pressing the magical button opens up a new dream world, waiting for their arrival.

Where the small spacecraft lands is on soft sandy soil. Children who are drawn to sand and water play will stop here to build their childhood fantasies with the sand. Adventurous children will not stop here.


Mysterious Visitors in the Heart of the Jungle

Kindergarten Outdoor Design

Passing through the serene jungle and the stone path laid by a witch, we arrive at the Hobbiton village. The friendly Hobbits play with the children in the garden, while the gentle breeze carries the singing of elves. They lie on the soft lawn, watching the colorful light reflected from the windows on the roof.

Kindergarten Outdoor Design

When the Hobbiton cottages blend with micro-terrain and grass, the boundaries between them and nature melt silently, creating a rich fairy tale atmosphere for outdoor play. Every child who steps into this world surrenders their senses to the environment and dreams in a fairy tale.

Another characteristic of the environment is its fun and ever-changing nature. The flexible layout connects various scenes and play areas organically, offering children more ways to participate. Each different exploration path means a new story unfolding here.


Mr. Eccentric Castle's Moonlight Boardwalk

Kindergarten Outdoor Design
Kindergarten Outdoor Design

After bidding farewell to the Hobbits, the next stop is the end of the journey, where Mr. Eccentric Castle resides. He built a moonlight boardwalk amid the galaxy and the sea of stars. Walking on the moonlight boardwalk brings one back to the real world.

Mr. Eccentric Castle is made up of soft and rich colors combined with various geometric shapes. It combines wooden walkways, physical development elements, and equipment storage functions. The whimsical design and micro-terrain allow him to quickly bond with the children.

Kindergarten Outdoor Design

The moonlight boardwalk is one of Mr. Eccentric Castle's most outstanding works. Amid the galaxy and the sea of stars, the moonlight boardwalk stands gently. The soft wooden structure feeds the wondrous sensation from the wave-shaped design back to the children's feet. A variety of musical toys await the artists to play melodies never heard before.



Kindergarten Outdoor Design

If we liken growth to the process of painting, the environment is neither a blank canvas nor a simple line drawing that only needs to be colored. Its charm lies in every different idea and the resulting changes in lines, signifying the birth of entirely new genres. Inspiration surpasses the established, and imagination exceeds the tangible.

So, we have created this dream world based on nature, inspiring children's inner interests through sensory and exploratory experiences in the scene. We guide them to unleash their inherent growth power, allowing every child to find their own dream here.

Project Name
Zhenhai Hairun Kindergarten
Project Type
Kindergarten Design
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Xi Yuan Kindergarten Design Research Institute