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Kindergarten Outdoor Design

On a distant planet, there lived a squirrel family.

One day, the baby squirrel looked through a long telescope and saw a blue planet with plenty of pinecones and many adorable children. Excitedly, the baby squirrel sought permission from its parents and made its way to this new planet.

Soon, it made lots of new friends and embarked on a fantastic and fun exploration together...

Design Concept

# They Sleep on the Milky Way and Can Pick Stars with Their Hands

Kindergarten Outdoor Design

In this world, there exists a group of natural-born explorers with boundless curiosity and imagination. They are filled with wonder about the mysterious and the unknown, holding high hopes for the stars and the universe. They sleep on the Milky Way and can reach up to pluck stars.

These adventurers are the children in the kindergarten. In this project's design, we aim to create a "Sci-Fi Playground" for these young explorers.

Kindergarten Outdoor Design

The sci-fi theme can stimulate children's imagination and scientific fantasy, igniting their curiosity and allowing them to freely explore.

The only thing to note is that the "sci-fi" we offer to children is different from what adults understand. It doesn't involve cold, deep-blue tones or complex physics knowledge. Instead, it includes a little squirrel and its beloved spaceship.

Space Adventure Mission

# It Flies Like a Shooting Star with a Long Milky Tail

Kindergarten Outdoor Design
Kindergarten Outdoor Design

Squirrel baby decided to take its new friends on a space journey and introduced them to its beloved spaceship, which is shaped like a nut and has a delightful name, "Shooting Star," because it flies like a shooting star with a long milky tail.

The kids were thrilled and named this journey the "Space Adventure Mission."

Before departure, we need to check the "Shooting Star." It consists of a control room, an observatory, a space-time tunnel, a cabin, a light and shadow exploration house, and various interconnected spaces in both horizontal and vertical directions. The presence of the natural environment adds complexity to the gameplay, making it highly exploratory and enjoyable.

Kindergarten Outdoor Design

The ship's structure is mainly made of wood, and each space has unique window designs, allowing children to observe the world from various interesting perspectives. The primary colors are white and brown, simple yet dreamy, adding a touch of fairytale to the sci-fi playground's night sky.

With everything ready, they finally set off! In the blink of an eye, "Shooting Star" flew into space, where countless nameless stars twinkled. The kids kept looking and asking various questions. After a while, they returned to Earth, still excited.

The return module landed in a soft sand pit without any bumps. After the space journey, they eagerly built their own space base in the sand pit, with the squirrel baby serving as their commander, helping out with enthusiasm.

"Acorn Base" Secret Hideout

# Yes, It's a House Built in the Trees!

Kindergarten Outdoor DesignKindergarten Outdoor Design

Now, let's shift our focus to the other side of the sci-fi playground. For the kids, no play area can beat a forest hiding various "treasures," including unknown animals, plants, scents, and treehouses—yes, houses built in the trees!

"Acorn Base" is nestled in this lush forest, equipped with advanced natural camouflage technology that seamlessly blends it into the surrounding ecological environment. It looks like a treehouse, and thus, "Acorn Base" becomes a natural secret hideout in the forest.

Kindergarten Outdoor Design
Kindergarten Outdoor Design

You can see the children chasing shadows on open walkways, observing an unexpectedly visiting butterfly, and planning their latest games in this secret space.

When it's scorching in the summer, they play on the grass under the shade of trees, with the sun blazing above but the grass cool beneath, providing a comfortable spot to relax.

Innocence and beauty are not found in silent buildings but rather hidden in rural nature. In every rustle of wind through leaves, in every new sprout after a rain, and in the palette of colors overturned by the seasons, you can find the laughter and the symphony of insects in both broad daylight and starry nights.

Monet's Spring

# Accentuated with Fairytale Colors

Kindergarten Outdoor Design

The sci-fi playground we gift to the children also needs a touch of romanticism from the world of arts. As Mr. Qian Xuesen said, a true person should be supported by two pillars: science and the humanities. For children, outdoor play areas should be filled with elements of discovery and exploration, along with a fairytale color palette.

Strolling through spring, the vibrant hues of flowers sway in the gentle breeze, conveying a poetic beauty. Impressionist painters excel at using bright oil colors to capture the romanticism of light and shadow in that moment.

So, we take colors from the spring as depicted by Impressionist painters, gently apply them, and create an immersive artistic experience for the children.

Kindergarten Outdoor Design
Kindergarten Outdoor Design

At this point, this sci-fi playground is bursting with vitality. A lively children's space can make environmental education twice as effective. Our ultimate goal is to make every child's childhood more profound and enriching through these vibrant spaces.

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Golden Bamboo Sun Kindergarten
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Kindergarten Design
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Xi Yuan Kindergarten Design Research Institute