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Kindergarten Outdoor Design

Little Red Riding Hood looked up and saw the sunlight dancing through the trees, beautiful flowers blooming all around. She thought, "Perhaps I should pick some fresh flowers for my grandmother to make her happy. It's still early, and I won't be late." — "Grimm's Fairy Tales: Little Red Riding Hood"

Design Concept

# Creating a Real-Life "Dreamscape" for Children

Kindergarten Outdoor Design

Fairy tales are a blend of fantasy and reality, and the feathered pen dipped in light blue ink slowly outlines a magnificent and fantastical world. The novel and whimsical characters and animal figures in these stories captivate children from the first encounter. A good fairy tale has an irreplaceable impact on a child's healthy development.

However, within the fairy tale worlds found in picture books, children can only be passive observers. The limits of concrete thinking mean they can only access a portion of sensory and shallow emotional experiences. So, we began to explore the fusion of fairy tales with outdoor play, using environmental design to create an immersive experience for children.

Thus, the "Grimm's Fairy Tale Park" theme adheres to the design principle of being "touchable, feelable, and experiencable," translating classic scenes and characters from fairy tales into tangible and realistic expressions. Diverse forms and unique styles are used to craft a real-life "dreamscape" for children.

Look, Whose Tail Is It?

# Engaging with the Spirit and Cultural Features of the Scenes

Kindergarten Outdoor Design

"Gurgle, gurgle," strange sounds emanate from the forest. The mysterious figure, half-hidden in the dappled tree shadows, hasn't concealed its tail well. Can Little Red Riding Hood and her friends unveil its disguise with intelligence and courage?

In the design of the entire theme scene, we prioritize playability and engagement. Sufficient space for exploration is preserved. Simply shaping characters is limited to sensory experiences. Only when characters and scenes are combined can children gain more sensory feedback, enabling them to become the protagonists of the scene and interpret new stories.

All things beautiful are embedded in the details of the fairy tale park. Every exploration is a conversation with the spirit and cultural features of the scene. The release of self-awareness brings a more immersive gaming experience.

Kindergarten Outdoor Design
Kindergarten Outdoor Design

In addition to "Little Red Riding Hood" and "The Wolf and the Seven Little Goats," the fairy tale park contains many other elements that enrich the scene. Grimm's fairy tales serve as a theme rather than a title. Empowering children with the authority of imagination and creation and allowing every child to participate in defining the environment, while minimizing the traces of adults, is the essence of a children-centric fairy tale park.

The Value of a Tree

# Nature Is the Best Playground for Children

Kindergarten Outdoor Design

In every design of children's spaces, communication and integration with nature are our top priorities. Nature is the best playground for children, and what could be more fitting for a fairy tale park than a forest?

Building sensory climbing platforms around trees can provide more challenging and enjoyable physical activity. Diverse combinations cater to the developmental needs of children of different ages. In addition to this, the creation of micro-landscapes enriches the scene's depth, combining micro-landscapes with boardwalks and climbing nets, providing more possibilities for gameplay.

Kindergarten Outdoor Design
Kindergarten Outdoor Design

Winding boardwalks lead deeper into the world of fairy tales, and the fragrant flowers and dappled sunlight along the way hold secrets about the most beautiful moments of childhood. This is a mysterious and exciting adventure shared by designers and children alike.


In this project's design, we once again emphasize the importance of the scene theme. The unique spatial spirit and cultural features of the "Grimm's Fairy Tale" theme connect the various elements in the scene, such as large toys and sensory climbing, giving the space an overall sense of life and fluidity. It becomes the foundation for driving young children to engage in continuous positive activities.

Children develop their cognitive abilities through activities and grow in the process. Positive activities will, in turn, enrich their multidimensional experiences, including sensory and emotional ones. This natural interaction allows children to become the central characters in the game. They release their rich imagination and creativity through full interaction with the environment, ultimately promoting deep learning and achieving the goals of environmental education.

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Yancheng Green Kindergarten
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Kindergarten Design
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Xi Yuan Kindergarten Design Research Institute