Dangcheng First Kindergarten

Kindergarten Outdoor Design

Architect Zhang Kaichi once said: "Design should not be selfish but harmonious with the entire city's style." Kindergartens that integrate the cultural essence of a locality are a microcosm of the local culture, born with a unique soul. This time, we will step into the former Yellow River course, find a hint of sweet pear fragrance, and write a "Cheng City Story."

Cheng City Story

# Creating a Harmonious Social Environment

From the beginning of the assessment, the designers were captivated by the rich cultural heritage of Cheng City. This land, situated at the junction of four provinces and seven counties—Anhui, Jiangsu, Shandong, and Henan—has a long history. If we were to trace its roots, we could even go back more than 3,000 years to the Zhou Dynasty. Its rich history and culture nurtured the land, its people, and gave birth to Chengshan's unique Chengshan Su Pear.

This kindergarten in Cheng City is adjacent to an elementary school, and the kindergarten children often have the opportunity to play in the elementary school, experiencing the campus atmosphere. This rare interaction has inspired the designers to create a "harmonious social" environment between the kindergarten and elementary school.

Yellow River Darling

# Chengshan pears have thin skin; when they fall to the ground, they can't be found.

This is the renowned land of pears. Children born in Cheng City are nurtured by the scent of pears from a young age. They can witness a real "a thousand trees and ten thousand pear blossoms," and they can taste the sweetest Chengshan Su Pear.

Every year in April, Chengshan welcomes the annual Pear Blossom Festival, during which various activities are held to enjoy the beauty of pear blossoms. This includes a cycling event where visitors can explore the pear orchard landscape by riding a bike, witnessing the picturesque scenery.


Hence, cycling elements were naturally incorporated into the design. The double-sided functional wall was used to create a tunnel-like playhouse, allowing children to freely shuttle within the walls.

Kindergarten Outdoor Design

The double-sided wall is not just for fun; it also serves as a connection for "communication" between the kindergarten and the elementary school. The open doorways satisfy the curiosity of kindergarten children about the elementary school and facilitate mutual interaction. Additionally, the designers have created a shared equipment room for both sides, maximizing the use of outdoor space and reducing storage pressure.

Kindergarten Outdoor Design

The winding and twisting cycling path lies at the feet of children, while overhead, red and green lights blink according to established rules. The children line up and simulate the traffic rules taught by teachers one by one...

We envision that, in the not-too-distant future, they will become participants in the Chengshan Pear Blossom Festival, cycling through the garden and playing amidst the spring blooms, carrying with them the scent of pear blossoms.

Kindergarten Outdoor Design
Kindergarten Outdoor Design

Pear Orchard Opera

# Listen to a melody that lingers in your mind, each house has its own masterpiece.

Cheng City is located at the junction of four provinces, and Anhui's Huizhou opera and Henan's Yu opera are both renowned. Cheng City is naturally influenced by these two traditional operatic styles, and the Pear Blossom Festival also hosts various theater-related activities.

"Every place where a story is born has its own kind of 'beauty.'"

The designers hope to preserve this "beauty" and have incorporated the colors of traditional opera masks into the design. The three traditional colors of red, black, and white, interwoven with dramatic patterns, grace the various details of the kindergarten. Strolling through, one can witness a lingering melody, each house with its own masterpiece.

Indigo Print Fabric

# Balancing Traditional Elements and Modern Art

"Using fabric to apply medicinal plaster, then dye it blue, and after drying, remove the plaster, leaving a pattern with various colors, including figures, birds, flowers, and poetry for making quilts and curtains."

This describes the history of indigo print fabric, which dates back more than 1,300 years, originating in the Qin and Han Dynasties and thriving during the Tang and Song Dynasties. It consists of simple and primitive blue and white colors and is rich in folk patterns. It's also a local classic element in this project.

Kindergarten Outdoor Design
Kindergarten Outdoor Design

Therefore, in the arrangement of regional colors, the designers extensively used the colors blue and white, supplemented with the classic blue background with white flowers. Building on the foundation of cultural literacy, they deepened the artistic style, balancing traditional elements with modern art in a new way, aiming to provide the children with the most practical cultural influence.

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Dangcheng First Kindergarten
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Kindergarten Design
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Xi Yuan Kindergarten Design Research Institute