Nanjie Village Kindergarten

Kindergarten Outdoor Design

"Seven-character Couplet: The Long March"

The Red Army fears no distant expedition,

A thousand mountains and rivers seem trivial in comparison.

Winding through the Five Ridges, waves arise so fine,

Crossing the rugged Wumeng, they tread through the muddy line.

The Golden Sands beat against the warm cliff, a pleasant sight,

The Great Du Bridge hangs with iron ropes, cold as night.

But it's the snow-covered Min Mountains, stretching a thousand miles,

That brings smiles to the faces of the soldiers, after countless trials.

The Red Gene

# Why We Must Excel in Red Culture Education

The "Red Gene" is the spiritual bond of the Chinese nation, a great belief of the Chinese people. This spirit is profoundly inclusive, and the spirit of flood fighting and disaster relief, earthquake relief, the spirit of the Beijing Olympics, and human spaceflight are all products of its adaptation to the times, representing the inheritance and development of the "Red Gene."

For young children, early childhood education is the foundational stage of growth and development. It's not just the prime time for intellectual development but also a crucial period for shaping a child's character. Many important qualities and abilities are formed during early childhood education, making it vital to impart and preserve the red culture and the "Red Gene" to have a wide and profound impact on the future development of children.

"Jungle Adventure Park"

# The Environment and Setting Are Important Educational Resources

Situational education can harness a child's nature, explore their deep consciousness, and play a significant role in fostering innovative thinking, creative forms, and innovative methods for young children. It increases their interest and willingness to learn about specific subjects, ultimately leading to active learning.

Furthermore, situational education can provide a free, relaxed, and enjoyable learning environment for young children, effectively reducing or eliminating negative emotions like anxiety and loneliness, allowing them to engage quickly in group activities.

While ensuring the safety of facilities, we have created a highly diverse "Jungle Adventure Park" based on classic stories like "Crossing the Chishui River Four Times" and "Taking Luding Bridge by Surprise." It's equipped with various exploratory and challenging large toys, forming an incredibly rich adventure playground.

Unyielding, Forged in a Hundred Fires

Firstly, on the ground, we've built a field for field games and ground sports expansion.

The jungle field is a highly playable game area where children cooperate, freely express themselves, and exercise their communication and teamwork skills. It also sparks their creativity and imagination.

Kindergarten Outdoor Design
Kindergarten Outdoor Design

The ground sports expansion area complements the large walkways, providing a more diverse space with various facilities like lookout towers, log balance toys, climbing nets, taking advantage of the micro-terrain slopes. Additionally, various flowers, cherry blossoms, and ginkgo trees create a vibrant natural eco-space.

Kindergarten Outdoor Design
Kindergarten Outdoor Design

Flowing Continuously, Reflecting Profoundly

The park's waterways echo the turbulent and steep Chishui River from the time of the Red Army's "Four Crossings of the Chishui River." We've added floating bridges and ropes to enhance their excitement and challenge.

The Red Army spirit is like this gentle stream, reflecting its depth. We have placed it here, hoping to plant the seed of the "Red Gene" in the hearts of children.

Kindergarten Outdoor Design
Kindergarten Outdoor Design

"Taking Luding Bridge by Surprise"

Wood and ropes intersect, forming a large walkway in the jungle that connects the third-floor rooftop and the second-floor corridor, allowing children to descend from the classrooms or climb up from the ground, passing through the rope bridges and "meeting" at the treetop outpost.

Every intersection of the suspension bridges carries the stories of many revolutionary heroes. This helps children engage in role-playing, physical exploration, and gaming activities, making educational exploration more meaningful and profound.

Kindergarten Outdoor Design
Kindergarten Outdoor Design
Kindergarten Outdoor Design

Extension of Life Education

# Integrating Red Culture Education with Life Education

During the Jinggang Mountain period, to solve the army's food and grain storage problems, leaders like Zhu De, despite their busy military duties, often traveled 50 kilometers on mountain roads to Ninggang and other places to fetch grain.

"Red rice, pumpkin soup, autumn eggplants, taste so delicious; meal after meal, we finish it with great gusto." In such challenging times, the Communists sang red songs optimistically, spreading the spark of the stars across the land of China.

The core of the "Red Gene" is not just about being tough and fearless "iron men." It also embodies qualities like diligence, thrift, respect for life, and a positive outlook.

Kindergarten Outdoor Design
Kindergarten Outdoor Design

The designer has created a large farm with strong drainage wooden paving on the ground, with cement pathways separating 32 planting areas. Children can plant various crops and observe the growth process of plants and animals all year round.

The "Planting and Breeding" activity allows children to experience and understand life through direct involvement. It also teaches them the value of hard work, the preciousness of food, the wonder and beauty of life, and the importance of respecting and loving life.

Kindergarten Outdoor Design
Kindergarten Outdoor Design

# Designing Preschool Spaces from a Child Development Perspective

Designing preschool spaces from a child development perspective is essential. The design's content concerning child development and the embodiment of preschool culture are more important than the theme, which is just a unified external expression.

In this project, we combined the rich natural vegetation of the preschool to create an extremely exploratory and challenging "Jungle Adventure Park" scene for children. At the same time, we integrated the preschool's culture, making it an excellent situational education function with cultural attributes.

Red culture itself carries a profound historical and cultural heritage of the Chinese Revolution. From a knowledge perspective, it contains rich academic knowledge. From an ideological and moral perspective, it serves as an ideal model for moral education, helping children establish the right beliefs and develop good moral qualities. Teachers can use rich gaming scenarios to connect game activities, teaching activities, and red culture education, enabling children to achieve comprehensive growth.

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Nanjie Village Kindergarten
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