Shenmu City Tenth Kindergarten

Community kindergartens are a common educational model in China, known for their public service and broad community participation. The following analysis is based on a typical case of a community kindergarten, exploring the development and challenges of such kindergartens from a professional design perspective and seeking new solutions for their transformation.

Kindergarten Outdoor Design

Balancing Land Use

- How to balance the use of public areas and outdoor spaces for the kindergarten?

This community kindergarten is located within a residential area, and its outdoor activity space is shared with the local residents. During school hours, it's used by the kindergarten's teachers and students, but it becomes a shared resource for the community after school hours. Balancing land use between community residents and kindergarten students is a critical issue.

Kindergarten Outdoor Design
Kindergarten Outdoor Design

The trumpet elements add character to the large play area. Trumpets represent both conflict and communication.

Enriching Functionality

- How can a kindergarten with limited space and budget achieve full functionality?

The outdoor space of this kindergarten is not very large, and the budget is relatively limited. However, the kindergarten still wants to provide a fully functional outdoor activity space for children while meeting the guidelines for the learning and development of 3-6-year-olds and provincial kindergarten construction standards. This is undoubtedly a challenge.

Kindergarten Outdoor Design
Kindergarten Outdoor Design

The entire large toy activity area is cost-effective and serves as a shared resource for the kindergarten and the community. Although it's not very large, it ensures that all necessary functions are available. The design is open and inclusive, with a high level of safety, catering to the needs of different user groups, providing a harmonious and free social space for both kindergarten children and other members of the community.

Protecting Facilities

- How can outdoor facilities of the kindergarten be protected?

As a community kindergarten, protecting school property is essential, and managing outdoor facilities is a challenging task.

Kindergarten Outdoor Design

The flexible and adaptable wooden container structures serve as protection for school property and deter any damage. This self-protective and open approach is conducive to the harmonious coexistence of the kindergarten and the community.

Expanding Space

- How can a narrow and elongated space be maximized in value?

The school building has a long and narrow corridor measuring 124 meters in length and 3 meters in width. Part of the corridor is a public road for the community, and it has a slight slope. Faced with these challenges, the designer used various vertical design techniques to enrich the space.

Kindergarten Outdoor Design

By using multi-level wooden walkways, platforms, climbing nets, and other elements, children can experience different environments in this limited space. The walls are equipped with climbing walls, artwork displays, music graffiti, and other facilities. The ground is covered with rubber tracks and cycling lanes. This approach maximizes the value of the narrow and elongated corridor, creating a secret activity base for children.

Project Name
Shenmu City Tenth Kindergarten
Project Type
Kindergarten Design
Design Team
Xi Yuan Kindergarten Design Research Institute