Fuqing Wenguang Middle School Affiliated Kindergarten

The outdoor area of the center is quite spacious, and to maintain a cohesive theme with the indoor architecture, the "magic" theme is extended to the outdoor space. Retro and mysterious red brick tiles are hidden within the magical world of lush vegetation, creating an imaginative kingdom for children. Game areas and outdoor play facilities revolve around this theme, allowing children to immerse themselves in role-playing and game exploration with a sense of immersion. It's an immersive experience into a magical world, bringing to life the dreams of magical adventures in children's hearts.

► Magic Forest Entrance:

A vast display of colorful wisteria flowers partially conceals the stone gate entrance, with magical elements covering the pathway. Black, mysterious, and bright yellow elements fill the road. The winding and twisting path leads deep into the magical forest, making one eager to explore further.

Kindergarten Outdoor Design

► Ant Kingdom:

The entire Ant Kingdom resembles a massive maze, with white miniature castles interconnected, adding some complexity to children's games. Simulated ant nests create elevated slopes, with semi-sunken activity platforms inside, slightly higher than the surrounding road level for drainage and ventilation. Colorful glass windows provide a fantastic visual experience for children, stimulating their observation and acumen regarding changing colors.

Kindergarten Outdoor Design

► Magic Houses:

The Magic Adventure Zone consists of three magic houses: the witch's house with a magical hat, the elf pumpkin house covered in spiderwebs, and the alchemist's workshop, allowing children to immerse themselves in a magical world from books. Children can freely explore the world of magic, enriching their imagination and promoting their healthy and joyful growth.

Kindergarten Outdoor Design

► Magic Bird's Nest:

The Magic Bird's Nest is constructed in a woven vine style using wood and metal. The bird's nest is not only a home for birds but also symbolizes the cradle of new life, representing the expectation for children to grow strong and healthy. The Magic Bird's Nest seamlessly integrates with the Magic Forest, encouraging children to interact positively with nature.

Kindergarten Outdoor Design

Project Name
Fuqing Wenguang Middle School Affiliated Kindergarten
Project Type
Kindergarten Design
Design Team
Xi Yuan Kindergarten Design Research Institute