ZhiXing Kindergarten

In the Kindergarten Outdoors

Creating a Boundless Realm

Kindergarten Outdoor Design


Is the imagination of the vast universe

Every starlight

Is heading into the unknown

Design Concept

Kindergarten Outdoor Design

To present the theme of "exploration" in the landscape and large toys, we must adopt the design attitude of explorers to explore the cultural core and design logic in every detail of the scene.

Space has boundaries, but the core of "exploration" is boundless. It continually extends around the imagination of all things in the world, transcending the limitations of physical space and manifesting as a spiritual force that nourishes children's curiosity. Therefore, we decided to create a boundless realm of exploration for children.


Of the stars sleeping

Kindergarten Outdoor Design

For the presentation of the exploration theme, aerospace elements are particularly fitting. Humanity's fascination with exploring the sky and the vast expanse of the cosmos resonates with the boundless spirit.

The designers drew inspiration from aviation, spacecraft, and science fiction stories, creating this flight-themed playground. The pink and white wooden structures convey the spirit of boundlessness in a gentle and child-friendly manner, allowing it to expand freely in the natural environment.

Kindergarten Outdoor Design

Child-friendly means abstracting the shapes as symbols that children can easily recognize, extending upon their existing experiences. The familiar yet imaginative forms of the spacecraft's cabins, portholes, and tunnels within the large toys fully engage children's desire to explore and provide a richer gaming experience.

In terms of functionality, the diverse equipment combined with the large toys and walkways meets the activity needs of children of all ages. It further stimulates children's interest in physical activity as a means of adjusting difficulty levels.

Kindergarten Outdoor Design

As the perspective draws closer, the macro shifts to the micro, and the observer becomes an explorer. The interiors of the large toy cabins are like dreams of stars in a deep sleep. They are within reach and quietly move along their own trajectories.

Kindergarten Outdoor Design

Beyond the game scenes, the combination of the Maker Workshop and the spacecraft design creates a lively and interesting outdoor classroom. The spaceship-shaped structures suspended between the trees provoke children's strong desire to explore. Dappled tree shadows filter through the gaps in the wooden structures, with the gaps becoming unique vantage points for children to observe the world.

Kindergarten Outdoor Design

On the other side of the theme park, the designer created a space station-themed playground in the sand and water play area to enrich the playability of the scene. The circular design brings more science fiction and a futuristic feel. Science fiction is the key to unlocking imagination. We hope that the large toys, while meeting children's gaming and teaching needs, can also cultivate the courage to explore and seek knowledge through interaction with space and people.

Kindergarten Outdoor Design

The final stop is the ground command center with a variety of game facilities, serving as another complement to functionality and playability in the outdoor scene. The carousel-like arrangement is also highly attractive to children.

Throughout the construction of the theme park, the spirit of boundless exploration is the main thread of the scene. It is presented through aerospace and science fiction elements, while the natural environment acts as another main thread running through the scene.

Sharp-edged forms are softened and made adorable through child-friendly expression. The vast and profound nature of this exploration theme is also within reach, thanks to nature. We believe that the silent symphony of nature and technology will gently permeate the minds of the children. Imagination and curiosity will freely expand in this boundless realm of exploration.

Project Name
ZhiXing Kindergarten
Project Type
Kindergarten Design
Design Team
Xi Yuan Kindergarten Design Research Institute