Rugao Economic Development Zone Experimental Kindergarten

Natural Awakening

Space Vitality

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Growing Together Kindergarten

Kindergarten Outdoor Design

Design Concept

The sun, moon, stars, clouds, and mist exist naturally in the lives of children, seamlessly intertwined with their emotions. We return nature to the children, creating outdoor play spaces that harmonize and coexist with nature, making the environment a poetic habitat that can be observed, listened to, and touched.

Abundant natural vegetation, winding play paths, non-motorized facilities, and diverse material pavements work together to create a rich ecological play environment. Children here can splash in the water, play in the sand, run, jump, and climb, experiencing the vibrant vitality of the kindergarten's outdoor area through their senses.

Anticipating Renewed Expectations for Nature

Kindergarten Outdoor Design

The kindergarten's outdoor area is an extension of nature, and we use landscape techniques to create a vibrant space for kindergarten activities, breaking down the boundaries of natural education.

Outdoor play equipment comes to life amidst the flowing greenery, integrating functional zones into the playground, fostering the vibrant vitality of the place with the laughter of children.

Kindergarten Outdoor Design

A woodchip pond is located at one end of the large play equipment, extending downward using activity walkways and ground level differences, forming a dynamic natural play area. Obstacle boards, slides, tire climbing, and other play facilities are set on the slopes, combined with micro-terrain design to enrich the gaming experience, creating an interesting connection between two levels of space.

Reach Out and Touch Nature

In the Playground in the Clouds

Kindergarten Outdoor Design
Kindergarten Outdoor Design

Beneath the rope net platform lies a lush lawn, and above it is the endless blue sky. Children seem to walk on the arms of the forest, entering the depths of nature.

On one hand, it unlocks the potential of children, providing them with a safer and more inclusive activity area and encouraging more creative and exploratory ways of playing. On the other hand, it embraces nature tightly, allowing children to touch the tender shoots of tree branches and feel the gentle breeze on their faces, capturing the dappled sunlight filtering through the trees.

Children run from one end of the large play equipment to the other, meeting briefly and parting ways. Like droplets in a current, they create ripples, generating countless possibilities in their interactions.

In the Midst of Natural Greenery

An Ecological Classroom Condensed

Kindergarten Outdoor Design

Bringing the classroom into nature, the ecological environment and educational space intertwine, creating a nature-friendly educational place. Here, landscape elements serve as teaching aids, and the environment becomes the children's natural assistant.

Children sit in the classroom and look out the window, where distant clouds extend a natural invitation. Trees grow together, and children play and frolic, with education naturally occurring.

Kindergarten Outdoor Design

The small wooden house hidden in the courtyard is a small world where children's innocence and curiosity are nurtured. It's also a cradle for their thoughts, a secret treehouse, and a playground for exploration.

This is a sanctuary given to children by nature. We preserve native trees and create an immersive exploration environment with pure natural materials, providing children with a platform for play, learning, and social interaction.

In Conclusion

Kindergarten Outdoor Design

The coexistence of nature and outdoor play infuses the setting with vivid vitality, thereby unleashing the inherent energy of the kindergarten's outdoor space and building a place for communication between people and nature.

We reshape the connection between nature education and institutional space, creating a new model of a nature-based campus, exploring the story scenes of natural education together with the kindergarten, and creating an ecological educational space that combines learning and enjoyment for children.

Project Name
Rugao Economic Development Zone Experimental Kindergarten
Project Type
Kindergarten Design
Design Team
Xi Yuan Kindergarten Design Research Institute