Shaxian Chengdong Kindergarten

Music —

It's a flowing painting,

It's the dance of the clouds,

It's a poetic song,

Strumming the strings of a child's heart.

Kindergarten Outdoor Design

Design Concept

Music is the resonance that travels through the trees and buildings, a harmonious dialogue between humans and nature. Like children who are innocent, music bestows upon them the language to converse with everything around them, be it joy, laughter, or sorrow.

With this in mind, the designers at Hope Garden composed a symphony of imagination and created strings to be plucked and strummed. They integrated rhythm and rhythm into the outdoor play spaces, composing a childhood song that transcends space.

Play on,

Sliding through vibrant scales,

A song that is long and filled with harmony, multidimensional and interwoven, with ebbs and flows between light touches and gentle plucking. Ascending the levels, starting from one end of the walkway, arriving at the realm of art, thoughts stretching as high-pitched notes that sing triumphantly. Children, in the midst of it all, in motion or at rest, looking around, find nature that sings like a song.

Kindergarten Outdoor Design

Under the walkway, various functional areas are strategically placed, "singing and answering each other, what limits this music?" Interactive, multicolored tactile areas are like the black and white piano keys that respond to the joy of children climbing, sliding, and rolling. Children engage with the space, in endless sensory stimuli, in boundless nature, in silent melodies.

Kindergarten Outdoor Design

In terms of spatial division, flowing white lines are like music, softly singing like a river, dividing the ground area into two, extending the pulsations of nature and music. This design satisfies the diverse activity needs of children and also solves the problem of redefining the activity area for the kindergarten.

Kindergarten Outdoor Design

Sing on,

Roaming through the colorful dreamland,

The rope net platform achieves semi-enclosure through differently shaped windows, whether circular or square, transparent or fuzzy, hiding and revealing, inspiring children to spontaneously sing whimsical melodies. Deep, mysterious, just like their intimate connection with the natural musical notes, their enjoyment knows no bounds.

Kindergarten Outdoor Design
Kindergarten Outdoor Design

Below, the sand area and the water area are neighbors, with irregular edges that continue and break off, singing to each other: the sound of flowing sand, the song of moving water, accompanied by the laughter of silver bells. In this limited space, they converge to create a childhood song that transcends time and space.

In a symphony, the "interlude" often serves as a connection and a prelude. Connecting the winding and meandering walkway, each broadcasting station becomes the hub for different melodies. Neither as majestic as major keys nor as somber as minor keys, they are half open and half closed within the forest, singing with the wind, reciting with the rain, listening to the snow, and praising the moon.

Kindergarten Outdoor Design

Children wander through, playing different segments in each little room, like sprites of musical notes, flowing and leaping on the musical staff. The bright colors of the skylight cut through, dividing the viewpoint into various melodies. How colorful will the dreams be in these diverse children's songs?

Compose on,

Beyond the timeless epic,

German music educator Orff believed that music is not just an external language but also an echo of the inner world. Music is an art that combines exploration, discovery, expression, and creation, and creativity gives it tangible expression, presenting and expanding the space.

As innocent as children, we hope that through this, they can sing to the end of childhood and explore the limits of imagination; however, the dreamy childhood is a timeless epic. Design never stops, imagination never stops, and childhood will never put a rest to the musical notes.

Kindergarten Outdoor Design

Project Name
Shaxian Chengdong Kindergarten
Project Type
Kindergarten Design
Design Team
Xi Yuan Kindergarten Design Research Institute