Rainbow Kindergarten

Kindergarten Outdoor Design

Design Concept

#Creating a Scenario of Imagination and Play through "Fairy Tales"

"Fairy tales" are a genre of children's literature that uses imagination, exaggeration, and fantasy to create artistic images. During the curious and innocent early childhood years, children often have a fascination with "fairy tales." They yearn to enter a world of fairy tales, but fairy tales are often like a dreamy sunshower, spreading throughout childhood but just out of reach.

We aim to "recreate fairy tales" by creatively designing color and form to bring the intangible world of fairy tales into the daily life of the kindergarten. We use vivid colors to construct multiple gaming scenarios, triggering the switch of children's vitality and imagination.

Kindergarten Outdoor Design

Rainbow Fairy Tale in the Forest

#Harmony of Color and Nature

Fairy tales exist at the intersection of a child's subjective perception and real-life experiences, springing from everyday conversations of children and residing in their hearts. In spatial planning, we also emphasize the integration of nature and equipment. The use of natural wood materials runs consistently throughout, connecting the steps and slides between different levels.

The ground is covered with soft rubber paths that are easy to walk on, while most of the natural greenery is preserved, creating an atmosphere of secrecy with low ferns and shrubs. On the upper level, various small spaces cater greatly to children's psychological need for "small spaces" and solitude. In addition, diverse geometric windows ensure that teachers have an unobstructed line of sight, eliminating safety hazards.

Distant yet connected, children coexist with fairy tales in the woods. We eschew the bright and intense colors, and, based on children's aesthetic preferences, present the "fairy tales" themselves in a Morandi color scheme that is harmonious with nature. The combination of natural wood and colors creates a dialogue between reality and abstraction. Children play the roles of explorers and creators in this space.

Kindergarten Outdoor Design
Kindergarten Outdoor Design

Through the other end of the walkway, the rainbow extends into the fairy tale. Houses in trees, living in giant carrots, making friends with the white rabbit family, traveling around the world in a flying house... stories from picture books are now tangible, sensory, and experiential. The fairy tale atmosphere brings about a transfer of experience and memories, and children's sensory experiences reach their peak here, whether it's walking, running, talking, or playing - children are immersed in it, they are already a part of the fairy tale.

Large play equipment spans multiple dimensions, and a slight misstep can lead to a fall into the dreamy fairy tale realm. The ages of 3 to 6 are a sensitive period for children's spatial representation development, and the more complex equipment design responds to the needs of their space representation development.

In the open space below, there is a large area of sand and water, with the water area surrounding the sand area like a river, recreating the coexistence of sand and water in nature. Water moistens the sand, and the sand is imbued with imagination and creativity by the children's little hands, just as fairy tales nurture their tender minds.

Kindergarten Outdoor Design

Flowers & Sunshine

#Capturing Vitality and Interpreting Life

Kindergarten Outdoor Design

In another area of the kindergarten, we have created a warm orange independent "castle" that houses sunlight and vitality. Petal shapes are casually dotted on the facade, like sunflowers in full bloom. Ascending the gentle circular ramp, the suspended circular climbing net comes into view, providing children with rich sensory and spatial experiences.

On one side of the "castle," there are rope elements, tires, obstacle boards, low climbing ladders, and high-span steps - a multi-functional climbing area designed to release the energy of children's large muscle groups, aggregating sensory, motor, and resting play. Every corner carries the vitality and vibrancy inherent in children's nature, helping them understand the essence of life through laughter and physical activity.

Kindergarten Outdoor Design

In Conclusion

#Imagining Nature's Fairy Tale and Finding a Rainbow

Regarding life and nature, humans have expressed boundless contemplation. Therefore, people create innocent fairy tales and weave beautiful dreams. The essence of life is an eternal question placed before humanity, and children standing at the dawn of life may hold the answers in what they see, understand, and think. And this kindergarten - it is our answer.

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Rainbow Kindergarten
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Kindergarten Design
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Xi Yuan Kindergarten Design Research Institute