Xinzhou Kindergarten

Romantic Adventures on the Starry Planet,

Dedicated to the Healing Fairy Tale that Endures

Kindergarten Outdoor Design

Design Concept

Fairy tales are dreams that transcend reality, they are the enlightenment of beauty and imagination. With the power of design, we present the pure beauty of childhood fantasies, using warm touches to create a gentle and healing fairy tale space.

From the perspective of designing the childhood growth environment, we integrate space, culture, and emotions, emphasizing sensory experiences in outdoor play scenarios. We allow large outdoor toys to break free from practical constraints and create themed environments that inspire children's creativity and imagination, guiding young children in their self-development.

Harnessing the power of nature,

Constructing a Fairy Tale Wonderland

Kindergarten Outdoor Design

The large elevated play area takes inspiration from "The Little Prince's Fantastic Journey," linking various game spaces with beloved fairy tale elements to create an atmosphere of whimsical enchantment. It immerses children in a world of play.

The entire play area includes physical development zones, educational toy areas, and low-structure material storage zones. An open and dynamic game path traverses every space, significantly improving accessibility for young children. All areas are genuinely designed for children, increasing their engagement with the space and enhancing their interaction with it.

Kindergarten Outdoor Design

Through interaction with the space, children generate stories that happen within the scenes, internalizing the environment to meet their growth needs and externalizing fantasies into the real world. Education happens in the accessible space, inspiring a child's initial understanding of the world through fairy tales.

We fully respect the natural inclination of children to enjoy play and incorporate considerations for a child's scale in the design and implementation of play facilities. We hope they can gain rich sensory experiences, social experiences, and emotional experiences through free play.

Kindergarten Outdoor Design

The primary principles of the design involve using simple, natural, and diverse materials. Let the gentle breeze and sunlight fill the area, protecting children with natural materials to create a tiny world that fosters curiosity and encourages independent exploration.

Kindergarten Outdoor Design

Abundant outdoor toys are hidden amidst the earth and trees, following the natural flow, encircling the sand and water play area, combining design function with artistic experience, and creating an educational ecological space with a sense of natural belonging.


Kindergarten Outdoor Design

The poetic romance and magical whimsy of "The Little Prince" come to life, recreating the dreamlike world of the fairy tale. We view the interaction and integration between children and their environment as the cornerstone of vitality in educational spaces, sparking their innate creativity.

We use the environment to "tell a story," so that children, from the moment they enter the space, feel as though they have fallen into a dreamy fairy tale wonderland, where material space intertwines with the world of imagination. This allows culture and emotions to seep into the soul, awakening the purity and beauty within a child.

Project Name
Xinzhou Kindergarten
Project Type
Kindergarten Design
Design Team
Xi Yuan Kindergarten Design Research Institute