Fuzhou Qixunkou Kindergarten Jiaochang Branch

Breaking the Constraints of Space

A Campus for Sharing

Kindergarten Outdoor Design

Information technology born in the realm of fantasy breaks down real-world barriers, connecting virtual channels and gradually blurring the boundaries of space, making them both fluid and transparent. Modern information technology provides a concept of freedom, openness, and sharing for reshaping the environment of educational institutions.

Based on the concept of sharing, designers have broken down barriers between different functions, different times, and different organizational methods, focusing on the holistic development of children's lives and learning. Using boundless imagination, they have built a shared campus full of imaginative wonder, creating an outdoor play space where children can explore their freedom of thought and a magical atmosphere.

Vibrant Toys

Extending the Boundaries of Shared Space

Kindergarten Outdoor Design

In the area closest to the sky within the educational institution lies a collection of large toys that mirror the blue sky and white clouds. Different shades of blue flow gently on the ground, resembling the winding Milky Way. As children step into this space, their footsteps seem to dance in harmony.

Personified little robots sit on storage boxes, welcoming every child who comes to play, showcasing the space's friendly posture. Information elements from the internet and other sources are integrated into toy devices at a child's scale, using innocent and vivid imagery and exciting spatial stories to interpret a world of sharing and connection, leading children to explore an interesting corner of this vast world.

Kindergarten Outdoor Design

The large toy installations consist of multiple independent units, connecting various spaces through structured gameplay paths, taking into account the behavioral and psychological aspects of young children. Their design incorporates different forms of movement, allowing children to climb or crawl, freely move through different spatial levels, and experience the joy of space within these large toys.

Kindergarten Outdoor Design

Every building and every new residence represents a new beginning, a new life. We never view large toys as static equipment but carefully consider the behavior and thoughts of young children, constructing the spatial structure of large toys and the environment based on foreseeable life scenes, infusing them with vitality.

Dancing with Nature

Meeting Point with the Future

Kindergarten Outdoor Design

The vitality of outdoor large toys is rooted in the natural environment. Designers draw inspiration from nature, incorporating a lifelike design that melts the solidity of artificial crafting and provides large toys with a dual attribute of floating romance and tangible reality.

The shape of the interstellar space station toy seamlessly blends with nature, faithfully recreating dreamlike landscapes, creating a narrative space filled with fantastic imagination. It guides children with a curious perspective into an abstract future world, allowing them to touch the technological elements in their consciousness.

Kindergarten Outdoor Design

Interstellar spacecraft docks between the dense forest, with branches swaying and casting dappled light and shadows on the pure white surfaces of the equipment. The softness of nature dissolves the solid feel of technological elements, allowing the space to interact with children in a light and humble manner.

Blossoming in the Cracks

Diverse Use of Narrow Spaces

Kindergarten Outdoor Design

The long entrance pathway combines two levels of design elements: natural education landscapes and activity facilities, offering children a fresh, pure, childlike, interactive, educational, and entertaining activity space.

Kindergarten Outdoor Design

To maintain a smooth flow of traffic, we cleverly utilize the exterior wall space to transition from horizontal to vertical expansion of diverse games. Along the corridor, various game areas are organized systematically, maintaining independent sections while sharing this space. Giving children an open, borderless play area allows the concept of open sharing to permeate daily life.

Deep and tranquil blues, along with lively and playful pinks, create a sense of futuristic technology distinct from the pure white fantasies. By contrasting colors, curiosity and a thirst for knowledge are stimulated, offering children the best stage for growth.

Project Name
Fuzhou Qixunkou Kindergarten Jiaochang Branch
Project Type
Kindergarten Design
Design Team
Xi Yuan Kindergarten Design Research Institute