Playground Planning Guide: Step 6 - Selecting Your Design
2023-12-16 10:28:41
Choosing the right design is a critical aspect of creating a successful playground. Follow these steps to ensure the selection aligns with your community's needs and safety standards:

Playground Planning Guide

1. Group Meeting to Discuss Needs/Options/Objectives/Concerns:

Convene a meeting with your planning group to discuss the diverse needs, available options, overall objectives, and any concerns regarding the playground design. Encourage open communication to gather a variety of perspectives.

2. Prepare a Proposal with 3D Images and Drawings:

Develop a comprehensive proposal that includes 3D images and detailed drawings of the proposed designs. This visual representation allows stakeholders to better understand the concepts and envision the final playground.

3. Modify the Design Based on Feedback:

Gather feedback from the group and stakeholders and be prepared to modify the design accordingly. This iterative process ensures that the final design is a collaborative effort that meets the diverse needs and preferences of the community.

4. Provide a Site Plan:

Include a site plan as part of the proposal, indicating boundaries, dimensions, orientation, and the placement of components within the chosen site. A well-detailed site plan is essential for accurate installation and effective utilization of the available space.

5. Ensure Safety Specifications Are Met or Exceeded:

Prioritize safety by ensuring that the proposed design meets or exceeds all safety specifications. Consider factors such as appropriate fall zones, ADA compliance, and compliance with industry safety standards. Consult with experts or organizations that specialize in playground safety to validate your design.

6. Review and Finalize the Design:

Conduct a thorough review of the design, taking into account feedback from stakeholders and ensuring all safety considerations are addressed. Finalize the design only when it aligns perfectly with the needs, preferences, and safety standards established for the playground.

7. Seek Professional Guidance:

Consider engaging with professionals or experts in playground design to provide insights and guidance. Their expertise can contribute to creating an innovative, safe, and functional design that maximizes the play value of the space.

By actively involving the community, leveraging visual representations, and prioritizing safety, you ensure that the selected playground design not only meets expectations but also becomes a cherished and safe space for everyone.