Building the ideal kindergarten - Important kindergarten space design considerations
2023-04-21 09:37:13

Kindergarten space design is an important part of children's growth, good design can allow children to play freely in a safe, comfortable and interesting environment, independent learning, happy growth. Below, I will introduce some key points of kindergarten space design from both indoor and outdoor aspects.

Kindergarten space design

Interior space design

The indoor space is the most important part of the kindergarten, and it is also where the children spend the most time every day. Good interior space design needs to consider the following aspects:


The indoor space of the kindergarten must ensure the safety of the children. For children to easily touch, climb areas, such as Windows, stairs, etc., need to take appropriate safety measures. In addition, pay attention to avoid sharp corners, fragile materials, etc., so as not to hurt the child.

Spatial partition

The indoor space of the kindergarten can be divided according to different functions, such as play area, study area, rest area, etc. The partitions of different areas should be clear and clear, avoid interfering with each other, and should be kept open to allow children to move freely.

Color and material

Color and material are also important elements that can not be ignored in the interior space design of kindergartens. It is advisable to use bright, soft, bright colors, such as pink, light blue, yellow, etc., which can stimulate children's visual feelings and increase the vitality of the space. Materials should be selected safe and environmentally friendly materials, such as wood, flexible packaging, etc., to facilitate children's activities.

Indoor facilities

Indoor facilities are an important part of kindergarten space design, including game facilities, learning facilities, rest facilities and so on. These facilities should be designed according to the age and interests of the children to stimulate their learning and imagination.

Outdoor space design

Outdoor space is another important component of kindergarten, allowing children to get more in touch with nature and enjoy outdoor activities. Good outdoor space design needs to consider the following aspects:


Outdoor Spaces also need to be safe for children. Children may face some risks in outdoor activities, such as falls, collisions, etc., so safety measures should be strengthened, such as laying safety MATS, setting fences, etc.

Spatial layout

The layout of the outdoor space also needs to have clear partitions, such as play areas, sports areas, planting areas, etc. At the same time, a certain openness should be preserved, so that children can move freely.

Natural element

Outdoor Spaces can use natural elements to enhance children's fun, such as planting flowers, setting up pools and so on. These natural elements allow children to better contact with nature and experience the beauty of nature.

Activity facility

Activities in the outdoor space should also be designed according to the children's age and interests, such as jungle gyms, swings, slides, etc. These activity facilities allow children to better exercise and develop athletic ability.

In short, kindergarten space design needs to comprehensively consider the safety, learning and entertainment needs of children, pay attention to the openness and freedom of space, but also pay attention to environmental protection and sustainability. Only by perfecting these aspects can the kindergarten become a high-quality, comfortable, safe and interesting place to learn, and lay a good foundation for children's growth.