From environmental protection, beauty to safety: kindergarten planning and decoration are considered
2023-04-04 09:36:29

Kindergarten planning and decoration is an important part of children's growth and development, a reasonable, safe, beautiful, warm kindergarten environment can allow children to better integrate into learning and life, promote their comprehensive development. Below, I will talk about the decoration of kindergarten from the aspects of planning and decoration.

Kindergarten planning and decoration


1. Flow line: In the planning of kindergarten, the first thing to consider is the flow line. Usually, we will place classrooms, corridors, toilets, activity rooms, etc., in the center of the campus, while setting up entrances and emergency passages, so as to ensure the safety of children and facilitate the management of staff.

2. Classroom design: The classroom is the main place of kindergarten, and its design should be as close as possible to the age characteristics and cognitive needs of children. For example, we can set up a variety of toys and games, so that children can learn and explore in play, while ensuring basic conditions such as air circulation and adequate light.

3. Activity room design: The activity room is a place for children to show their talent and play to their imagination. The design should consider the needs of various activities, such as dancing, singing, painting, handicraft, etc., while paying attention to the flexibility and safety of the space.

4. Toilet design: The toilet is the most vulnerable to contamination and infection in the kindergarten, so its design should take full consideration of health and safety. For example, we can set up automatic hand washers, toilet seats, toilet paper and soap for children to ensure children's hygiene habits and health.


1. Color matching: Children like a colorful, bright environment, therefore, the decoration of the kindergarten should meet the psychological needs of children as much as possible. In color matching, we can use red, yellow, green and other bright colors to stimulate children's curiosity and imagination.

2. Furniture layout: Furniture layout should take into account the children's height and habits, such as tables, chairs should be suitable for the children's height, toys, teaching AIDS, etc., to facilitate children's access, but also pay attention to safety and hygiene.

3. Wall decoration: Wall decoration can not only add the beauty of the kindergarten, but also stimulate children's interest in learning. On the decoration, we can hang some vivid pictures, words, and set up some numbers, letters, pinyin and other learning plates, so that children can learn in joy.

4. Safety measures: the safety measures of the kindergarten are extremely important, we need to take into account as much as possible in the decoration of a variety of potential safety hazards, such as sharp objects, dangerous objects, etc., but also set up emergency access, fire extinguishers and other facilities, in order to carry out emergency treatment in emergency situations.

5 Green environmental protection: green environmental protection is one of the important directions of modern kindergarten decoration, we need to use environmentally friendly materials as much as possible, such as the use of zero formaldehyde wall paint, environmentally friendly wooden furniture, so that children grow up in a healthy environment.

To sum up, kindergarten planning and decoration is very important, a reasonable, safe, beautiful and warm environment can not only promote the physical and mental development of children, but also bring better work experience to the staff. Therefore, we need to take into account the needs of children as much as possible when planning and decorating, to create a good environment for them to grow up.