Qingdao Pingdu Hannuo Baby Nursery School

Kindergarten Design

Designing a space with warmth is about creating a cultural entity where everyone participates in shaping a culture with spatial boundaries. This culture is passed down from generation to generation, and every child who leaves here carries the imprint of this culture. The space that holds memories will stand there for a long time, as gentle as ever.

Design Concept

# Natural Sensations and Cultural Warmth

Kindergarten Design

Creating a "home" atmosphere is particularly important for childcare spaces. Every concrete design detail conveys a sense of warmth and safety, and the cultural attributes behind the space give these feelings a unique cultural warmth.

This project is located in Pingdu, Qingdao, which has a geographical layout characterized by mountains and water, with Da Ze Mountain being an important carrier of Pingdu's history and culture.

A city's culture is born amidst the lights of many homes, and Pingdu's mountain and water culture adds a touch of tranquility and softness to these lights.

The Migration of the Garden

# Serendipity of Nature and Art

Kindergarten Design

For infants and toddlers aged 0-3, the presence of "greenery" in indoor spaces, such as living plants and natural elements, has a profound impact on their physical and mental development. Over 40 years ago, the "biophilia" theory was proposed, which asserts that humans have a natural, biophilic affinity for nature in design, especially during infancy.

Therefore, the designer has incorporated Pingdu's mountain and water culture into the indoor space through elements like planting pools, micro-terrain design, stacked stone landscapes, and panoramic windows, creating a dreamlike garden that connects children with nature.

Kindergarten Design

Upon entering the lobby, a touch of green emerges from the white sea of clouds, and a small landscape blends the beautiful mountains and rivers within its dimensions, adorning the dreams of the children.

The spiraling staircase and slide, resembling a beam of light pouring down through the clouds, create a delicate flow in the air, dissolving the "adultness" of the space and providing children with an exclusive path for exploration.

The outer walls feature full-length windows that allow natural light to flow in, blurring the boundaries between indoor and outdoor spaces. With each step, light and shadows intersect with structural lines, flowing on the floor, falling on the children, or creating a natural melody on the piano, filling the space with a rich artistic atmosphere.

The serendipity of nature and art portrays romance in the play of light and practicality in the realm of imagination.

Flowing like Water

# A Vivid and Lifelike Canvas

Passing through the dreamlike garden leads to the sensory area and children's play and reading area.

The sensory area features a flexible floor surface with ample open areas to allow for the introduction of sensory equipment in the future.

Vertical climbing nets and play platforms break the spatial restrictions, enriching spatial exploration and fun. The inner planting pool emphasizes the space's natural attributes once again, as toddlers take their first steps amidst the lush greenery, creating a vivid and lively canvas.

Kindergarten Design

The diverse reading spaces in the reading area meet the needs of different children. The design of bookshelves at toddler height allows them to actively seek books of interest, experiencing the joy of exploration and discovery.

The off-white color scheme, along with gentle lighting, creates a warm and secure space. Breezes slip in, surrounding the children, gently swaying and eventually dissipating into the air.

Kindergarten Design

Ascending the stairs, the meandering light strips, resembling comet tails, form the visual dynamic lines of the space. With a focus on curved structures and glass wall designs, the space becomes exceptionally fluid and expansive.

The space's three-sided consistent color scheme softens the dispersing light, giving a harmonious and unified tone, providing children with a sense of security. It's like falling into a sweet dream, akin to a mother's embrace.

Childhood Secrets

# Illuminated Places, Growth Unfolding Silently

The main spaces, such as the nursery and activity rooms, use high side windows to maximize the even distribution of natural light indoors. Sunlight blankets every inch of the floor, warming and accompanying each child's growth. Bathed in sunlight, children grow healthy, fulfilling their parents' most basic hopes.

Kindergarten Design

Kindergarten Design

In the details, the designer has created irregular semi-enclosed spaces with curves. Elements like warm pale yellow tones and soft indirect lighting establish a comfortable and secure private area for young children.

Starting with the child in mind, these spaces are reserved for regulating their emotions. Children have the freedom to whisper secrets to each other, creating their own "little secrets."

These small spaces are like bubbles that keep popping, and countless thoughts quietly churn within them. Imaginations and flights of fancy emerge uncontrollably, and children's growth quietly unfolds in this realm of wonder and romance.

Project Name
Qingdao Pingdu Hannuo Baby Nursery School
Project Type
Kindergarten Design
Design Team
Xi Yuan Kindergarten Design Research Institute