Fairytale Kindergarten

Exploring an Ancient and Mysterious World through Mirrors

Yellowed fairy tale books

Record the adventures of courage

Following the dusty footprints

The journey that belongs to children begins anew

Kindergarten Design

Design Concept

# The Harmony of Dreams and Reality

With "Adventures in the Mirror" as the main theme, connecting four different area styles, this is not just a kindergarten; it's a theme park. When children activate the "mechanisms," carefully prepared surprises from the designers are revealed, unveiling a mysterious, unknown world.

How can the various styles, combining fantasy and reality, be harmonious and distinct, each with its strengths?

At the most fundamental structural level—lighting, materials, and shapes—we maintain a consistent design style. However, diverse design elements grant different situational experiences to the space.

The "Adventures in the Mirror" theme runs through the design. Children can enjoy more exploration and provide the kindergarten with various options for situational teaching.

Fantasy Castle

# Surrealism

Kindergarten Design

The distant starry sky falls like a waterfall, casting brilliant and soft light in the mist. The castle in the light mist is quiet, mysterious, seeming to exist in a different time and space. Only the cheerful ticking of the pendulum brings the explorer's thoughts back to reality.

Entering this area, the design is like surrealism—wild, dreamy, and unrealistic, with a rich "Alice in Wonderland" artistic style. As the space flows, it creates a fantastical dream-like experience.

Kindergarten Design

As the city and technology rapidly advance, children are moving further away from nature, and the joy of exploration is replaced by electronic screens. We need to create models that go beyond reality, refocusing children's vision and curiosity with more engaging situational experiences.

Candy Town

# Vibrant Colors and Visual Flow

Kindergarten Design

The dappled light is evenly divided by white fences, gently flowing in the magic of time. Children pass through Mario's pipes and arrive at Candy Town, a large children's activity center with various facilities like a restaurant, supermarket, game platforms, and role-playing.

Kindergarten Design
Kindergarten Design

Although the space is vast, it has excellent color and visual flow design. The bright and cheerful candy colors immediately catch the children's eyes and effectively prevent visual fatigue due to a single color scheme. The ground features point and line guidance, while ladders and slides connect the first and second floors, adding fun to children's activities.

In the role-play area, children receive their tasks. Some learn to make pastries, some engage in detective games, while others are responsible for delivering packages to the small elephant in the castle, searching for the key to access the next area.

Traditional Chinese Lotus Pond

# Classical Negative Space Art

Kindergarten Design

"Little lotuses have just exposed their sharp tips, and dragonflies have long perched on them." Childlike voices dance like raindrops, creating ripples on the water's surface, dispelling the heat of midsummer.

Classical culture is incorporated into the design, and it's initially evident from the corridor outside the hall. Irregular lotus leaf decorations complement the white waves, turning the floor into a water surface. The lotus leaves sway in the breeze, exuding a lively and natural atmosphere, embodying the artistic technique of negative space from traditional Chinese painting.

Kindergarten Design

Inside the hall, ancient charm abounds with wooden long tables and jade-colored round stools, showcasing simple and elegant beauty. As the brush glides, the slightly smudged ink connects ancient and modern times, while the melodious recitations traverse the track of time.

Exposing children to traditional Chinese culture helps nurture their moral character and artistic sensibilities through a gentle, authentic, and vivid environment.

Journey Through the Stars

# A Spacecraft Grown from Imagination

Kindergarten Design

Learning from history allows us to understand the rise and fall. Drawing nourishment from a historical and cultural context spanning thousands of years, humans continue to turn imagination into reality, while new ideas incubate in the soil of science. In the science education theme area, we create a world of knowledge and exploration with rich scientific elements, nourishing children's boundless imaginations.

Early childhood science learning and the objects of scientific inquiry and mathematical cognition are all part of the objective world, consisting of natural phenomena and various objects from daily life. Thus, vivid scenario-based teaching is more effective in capturing children's attention than traditional teaching methods.

In this spacecraft grown from imagination, children can engage in dialogues with the stars and explore the mysteries of science.

Advanced educational concepts and practices have proven that the key to early childhood education is not the mastery of specific knowledge but the cultivation of foundational abilities that support a child's future development. These include the courage to explore, the wisdom to discover, the spirit of teamwork, friendliness in interpersonal interactions, and outstanding aesthetic literacy.

When children pass through the four major areas of the "Mirror World" and earn medals for intelligence, cultural knowledge, courage, and determination, they will have unknowingly prepared themselves to explore a wider world.

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Fairytale Kindergarten
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Kindergarten Design
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Xi Yuan Kindergarten Design Research Institute