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Endless Wood,

Welcoming the Echoes of Nature

Children's Space

Kindergarten Design

"Chunqiu Fansheng" records: "Wood is the nature of spring."

Wood nurtures all living things, it is the source of life, and with its gentle qualities, it is the best medium for merging space with nature in architectural design. This kindergarten is framed with wooden materials, opening up to nature to the fullest. It combines spaciousness with simplicity, along with empty spaces, to breathe with nature and embark on an artistic journey back to the Eastern aesthetics.

Embracing the Wood

Born from Wood

Kindergarten Design

The natural grain texture and warm, natural colors of wood help create the kindergarten's atmosphere. They offer children a warm and safe visual experience while providing a tactile experience with their natural textures.

On one side of the public area stands a lone tree-like wooden structure, ingeniously blending structural mechanics and aesthetics. Beyond its sturdiness in wooden structure, its winding and stretching posture imparts a sense of lightness and elegance to the space, quietly waiting for children to gather.

Built-in seating is provided in the sunken area, offering a resting place for children. The storage design at the bottom also maximizes space utilization.

Kindergarten Design

The Construction Room is dominated by natural wood tones, which are natural and soothing. The designer uses lines, structures, and colors to subtly establish a unique order for the Construction Room, providing a space for children to freely create.

The use of building block elements on the walls, along with an understanding of children's psychological and behavioral characteristics, creates an interesting space that awakens children's enthusiasm for exploration and learning.

Children seek change within order, allowing their thoughts to roam between beauty and wisdom, simplicity and complexity. With the addition of imaginative elements, children experience an adventure in art.

Kindergarten Design

The arched window design blurs the spatial boundaries between the Construction Room and the hall, eliminating the sense of distance between different areas, thus accommodating the diverse teaching methods of the kindergarten.

The exquisite fan-shaped windows incorporate wooden design, outlining smooth curves that eliminate the sharp edges, engaging in a dialogue with simple geometric shapes and giving birth to the children's stories.

In the embrace of wood,

Hear the call of nature

Kindergarten Design

Full-height windows cut out a piece of the sky, where clouds flow and fantasies emerge. The Reading Room and the outdoor space share a transparent view, introducing natural light to the maximum. At the same time, flora and greenery are integrated into the indoor scene to enhance interaction and connection between interior and exterior spaces.

Introducing the scenery into the room, borrowing nature's gift to create a cultural realm exclusive to children. Let art become a symbol of aesthetics, offering children ubiquitous companionship, hoping that every child can explore happiness freely in the boundless space.

Kindergarten Design

Through the relationship between space layout and facade treatment, the space is superimposed with the function areas of the Reading Room and the Western Restaurant, achieving an open and flexible use of the limited space. Using the height difference of the platform, storage cabinets enclose the reading area and provide an interactive and shared space for adults and children during baking activities.

Kindergarten Design
Kindergarten Design

The designer extracts traditional cultural symbols, deconstructs and reassembles traditional elements with a unique contemporary aesthetic, creating a brand-new Chinese culture classroom. Let the beauty of Chinese aesthetics be immersed in culture, presenting an Oriental poetic atmosphere amidst the serene and natural setting.

Large floor-to-ceiling windows endow the space with a powerful sense of beauty, and an extension of space depth using an impressionistic approach. The pure and ethereal beauty of nature flows with the sunshine, unleashing children's free imagination and creativity on their study desks.

Freely traveling through time

Kindergarten Design

The artisan of light, observing the images. The designer extracts the image of nature, which is natural, flexible, and effortless from "wood," placing it in educational space. Time walks out of the wooden texture with historical accumulation, and endows the Scientific Development Room with infinite imagination.

Kindergarten Design

The Scientific Development Room uses gray-toned mirrors and stainless steel materials. Combined with romantic elements like the galaxy and starlight, it creates a space for scientific exploration full of futuristic and technological sense.

The fantastic and magnificent imagination unfolds wherever the children's eyes can reach. The universe beyond light-years humbly integrates into the space. The children's thoughts run wild and their songs echo in the boundless noise, triggering their contemplation of knowledge.

In conclusion,

Kindergarten Design

Wood is a highly pure and flexible natural material. It can create unlimited imaginative space, boundary-free growth space, and a warm living space for children. In endless time, it explores unlimited possibilities together with children.

The designer, starting from the perspective of environmental education, hopes to integrate space with nature using wooden materials, aiming to create a space that supports children's free growth. We hope that the completed kindergarten will awaken the hidden potential within each child.

Project Name
Handan Yiyou Cultural Education
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Kindergarten Design
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Xi Yuan Kindergarten Design Research Institute