About Us

Xiyuan Group was established in 2005 with its headquarters located in Nanjing. It owns multiple subsidiary companies, including Xiyuan Kindergarten Design Research Institute, Xiyuan Toy Dream Factory, Xiyuan Culture and Tourism, and Xiyuan Institute of Smart Education.

Nowadays, Xiyuan takes the lead in creating an industry-leading 'D.B.E' business model, which covers the entire process, full expertise, and integrated services from Design to Building to Equipment. Its business spans comprehensive planning and design of indoor and outdoor spaces for kindergartens, childcare centers, children's playgrounds, including construction, large toy production, installation, furniture and educational toy manufacturing, procurement, Logo/VI design, campus cultural design, smart campuses, child-friendly urban space transformation, smart city parks, rural revitalization, with service coverage nationwide.

From the overall planning and design of children's space projects to the creation of child-friendly cities, Xiyuan is dedicated to using design to promote progress in early childhood education. Continuously, it strives to create high-quality, modern educational and activity environments for Chinese children. Xiyuan Toy Dream Factory, a subsidiary, constantly pursues advanced craftsmanship, rigorously ensuring the 1:1 perfect execution of project plans.

Since its establishment, with a design perspective of 'crouching down to view the world,' industry-leading design principles, and a forward-looking educational vision, we have partnered with nearly a thousand kindergartens, childcare centers, and renowned brands such as Gulou Kindergarten in Nanjing, Fujian Experimental Kindergarten, Yantai Organizational Kindergarten, Vanke, Country Garden, New Oriental, and more. Several projects have been reported by media platforms, including CCTV. Our unwavering commitment to quality has forged us into a leading brand in the industry.

Service Categories
Outdoor design
Practicing Environmental Education to Unleash Children's Nature

The healthy development of children, both physically and mentally, forms the foundation for their lifelong growth. Encouraging children to step out of the classroom and immerse themselves in nature is the driving force behind Xiyuan's design philosophy, allowing the full potential of environmental education to be realized. Xiyuan believes that children do not need excessive protection but rather the opportunity to respond and take action. Starting from outdoor, unpowered activity spaces, Xiyuan aims to provide children with a free space for unleashing their nature.

Toy Dream Factory
Happy Happening Place Creative Processing Station

An innovative factory that integrates independent research and development, design, production, installation, and after-sales service, custom-designed for Xiyuan Kindergartens, achieving an integration of design and projects.

Interior Decoration Design
Campus Culture Early Childhood Space

Centered around the developmental needs of children and focusing on the nurturing of their natural instincts and talents, we create a free, relaxed, innovative, and fun environment for healthy growth. By organically integrating and optimizing indoor spaces from multiple dimensions and pathways, we achieve the design and construction goal of 'seeing children everywhere.

Campus Culture Design
A good Logo/VI is the soul of campus culture

Creating an exclusive brand image based on campus culture that aligns with sustainable development in the market. Enhancing the sense of campus culture identity among teachers, parents, and children to form a bond for the inheritance and maintenance of campus culture.

Promotional Services
Establishing Brand Image Expanding Influence

Based on in-depth research of the market and the needs of kindergartens, Xiyuan provides video and copywriting services for kindergarten enrollment promotion, brand planning, presentation roadshows, franchise recruitment, and more. This enhances clients' market competitiveness, promotional efficiency, and brand image.

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